"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, September 17, 2009

dead moth

a conversation with Jon over a dead moth

Zoey wants to know if she can eat a dead moth

[10:12:45 AM] that jon jackson @ crossty: hmmm. i guess it's not much different than eating other dead animals... has it been kept in the fridge?

[10:13:00 AM] danielle jackson: no it was on the floor

[10:13:25 AM] that jon jackson @ crossty: hmmm, well if she finds it in the fridge, i'd say yes.

[10:13:40 AM] danielle jackson: but if not no

[10:13:54 AM] that jon jackson @ crossty: probably not, it might be soured.

[10:14:30 AM] danielle jackson: she decided to go look in the frig for one

[10:14:38 AM] that jon jackson @ crossty: cool.

[10:14:50 AM] danielle jackson: oh there is just food in there

[10:14:58 AM] that jon jackson @ crossty: oh well.

[10:15:00 AM] danielle jackson: so now she is yelling at it to go away

[10:15:09 AM] that jon jackson @ crossty: ha ha.

[10:15:13 AM] danielle jackson: but it is not going

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Someone stop my baby from growing PLEASE!

Lately I have made it a point to notice how big my kids are getting. I dont want to miss a thing, but realize they are growing up to fast.

Example: Cyann

From Drop Box

How did you get all they way over there?
From Drop Box
My baby is backward crawling.

Update on Cyann

A few days ago I informed you all that I had started feeding Cyann carrots.

Well I have stopped that, to put it gently she cant digest them yet.

So we are just doing a little bit of cereal for now and will try the carrots again in a month.

New glasses

Hi all
Very excited about my new glasses. My old ones got stepped on about a month and a half ago. I thought I did not need them any more because the prescription was so light but alas the headaches turned in to border line migraines so it was time to get new ones.

From new glasses

What do you think? Like then?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cyann is eating Carrots

I have started feeding Cyann carrots. She has taken a fancy to them. At first she spits them out but after the first two bits she eagerly waits for more.

She is eating a whole stage 2 container every evening.

Cyann is also sleeping all night finally. Mommy is happy about this. Thanks you Cy for being such a good girl.

Mommy loves the way you like to suck your thumb it is so cute.

Love you too sweet heart

Noelle is Cruising and Signing

Noelle is a master cruiser these days. She cruises around the coffee table once or twice down the hall holding on to the wall only.

She also likes to push the push toy. YEA!!!!! You make Mommy to proud!!!!!

She still will not stand alone she can but thinks she cant. We are working on it though. Mommy will be very happy to have her walking.

Did I mention that Noelle is getting her teeth these days. Yes, she has two top left and bottom right. Two more coming in, top right and bottom left.

Noelle you are going to look so different with teeth. Daddy forgot and let you chew on his finger. He remembered really fast. :)

Noelle is doing really well signing too. She put two signs together and told me "GO EAT" YEA!!!!!! She is able to comunicate when she wants to eat. SO nice.
The hard thing is she says "Please" all the time but I cant always figure out what she wants. That is hard on both of us. But we are working on it more and more.

Noelle your so smart. You know and understand more than people think.
You are also very sensitive, but you have an ornery side too. :)

Love you Baby Girl

Funny words from Zoey

Zoey has made me laugh a few times this week so I want to write what she said down so I dont forget and I can remind her how silly she was.

Zoey was watching Peter Pan for the first time and she made it till they got to Neverland before she came to me and declared

"Peter Land is to sour for me to watch, so I turned it off. Maybe I can watch it when Daddy is here to hold me." Zoey

Love it to cute. Peter Pan has been deemed to "Sour" for Zoey

One of Zoey's toys needs new battery's so I took it to change them. Zoey came running saying

"No Mommy you cant do that that's a Daddy job. Only Daddy's can change battery's."

Love this one. I was putting everyone down for a nap and Zoey asked

"Where we going in the Morning?"

Oh Zoey you make me laugh. Love you Sweety