"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, December 24, 2009

santa claus is coming to put stuff in our socks.... RUN!

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Begin Blogpost..... Now.

So like a gaggle of fools, we drove down to bixby this afternoon around 5-ish - for tacos no less - and i guess hanging out with Dani's family was also on the agenda. i digress. on the way over, i realized i had exactly 0 things for Dani's stocking, and few things for the girls' stockings, enter dollar general. *15 minutes later* exit dollar general.
at this point the pelting ice turned into blinding snow. about 7 miles into the 9 - 10 mile trip, i could only see out of a envelope sized patch of the windshield - a fact which didn't concern me until someone pasted me on my right - see, i thought I was in the right hand lane. It was a this very moment that i realized the gravity of the situation, and my window portal was now the size of a baseball card.
I'm happy to report we made the remainder of the journey to the inlaws' house without further incident.

*blah blah, stuff happened, my brother in law left, and i was parked behind him so upon backing up, i got the car stuck in the snow which at this point was about drifted between 7 - 10 inches. 20 minutes later and with my... men in law....'s help the car was unstuck. so we figured why not wait a couple more hours till it gets good and deep, and that's just what we did. *blah blah more stuff*

so it came time to leave, and my brother in law Chris was going to go ahead of me to blaze the way... Well we spent the next 15 minutes getting him unstuck from the snow, and then got the kids in the car.... on the way home we did not get stuck (Praise the Lord) but we did however stop three times to play the good samaritan - but our assistance was not needed. Can i just say though, it was freakin cold out there! (thanks, i needed that)

so we got all the way to our driveway without any problem (Zoey was not so confident about the whole situation however) but anyway we got stuck about half way up the driveway. For the record we do NOT have much of an incline to our driveway. but that didn't stop my tires from getting well acquainted with certain parts of the snow and pavement. i tried several things to give me enough traction and even climbed over my picket fence at one point (with non-traction shoes, and a slippery fence, mid fence-strattle, the thought that i have no ability to pay for an emergency room visit, or even get to the emergency room for that matter - flashed into my head, but as you might guess, i didn't let that stop me.

There's a segway to the next point i'm working towards, but it's not g-rated, and Dani tells me that this is a family blog... maybe i'll twitter about it... maybe... anyway....

...and that's why i'll never trust in polyester again, but back to how i got the car up the driveway.

Ever have one of those moments? It's the moment when you think. "jon jackson, you've done it again!" Well this was just another one in a long line of such moments. It occured to me, i could hook up our water hose to the hot water end of the washing machine connection in the garage and stretch it out to where the car was stuck. it worked as they say "like a charm"... ho ho, how quaint.

but now to the real reason i started this post.
during this time while i was outside working with the car, Dani was inside putting the girls in bed. She was having some trouble with Zoey wanting to go to bed, she wasn't wanting to put on her pajammas, until Dani said the magic words "If you don't hurry up and go to sleep, then santa won't come and put special treats in your stocking."

At the risk of being sacrilegious,and I've seen the very hand of God move, and this was no less miraculous than that. She went right to bed and hasn't made a sound. and not only did she go right to bed, she RAN to bed and got under the covers, and promptly prayed that Santa Claus would have a safe trip.

this has been fun, and i must confess, i've grown quite fond of you over the course of this write, but it's time now for me to go, do my duty, i may not be wearing red, but at least i'm fat. HO HO HO Merry Christmas, now gimme that Chocolate. i sleep best stuffed with caffeine.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trip to the zoo

A few weeks ago when we were having some great weather we all went to the zoo. It was a bit windy but we had lots of fun. All the animals where out and there werent very many people there.

From - zoo - testshirts

Noelle loved the water in the floating globe.
From - zoo - testshirts

We did this for ten plus minutes.
From - zoo - testshirts

Cyann kicked back enjoying the ride.
From - zoo - testshirts

Zoey's favorite part of the whole zoo.
From - zoo - testshirts

From - zoo - testshirts

They were holding hands as we walked. CUTE!
From - zoo - testshirts

Playing on the playground always a must do.
From - zoo - testshirts

The first time we have done the petting zoo part. Zoey was a little shy at first.
From - zoo - testshirts

Those silly monkeys.
From - zoo - testshirts