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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Noelle's New Diet

Noelle's New Diet

Hi all its been a while but we have been very busy.

I wanted to do an update on Noelle.

I noticed about a month ago that she has been losing weight. Not good for a little one to do. She was 22 lb. first of June then middle of July she was 21 lb. now she was weighed on Thursday 19 lb. 12 oz. Needless to say i am worried about her. I have noticed that she has an allergic reaction to a lot of things we have tried to feed her leaving me searching for nutritious things to give her.

I was feeling very lost and honestly scared because I did not know what to do. A friend recommended going to see a Homeopathic doctor to see if he had some insight. So we did he was great but only cut out more things out of her diet. I left his office feeling a little relieved but then after a week of his recommend diet Noelle looked thinner and had a lot less energy than before.

I set up an appointment with a highly recommended Nutritionist. Let me say she was an answer to prayer. She gave me some very practical ways to feed Noelle what she needs and with the fat and calories that she needs.

She also whats to change Noelle's formula to Elecare. It has a higher calorie count than the Nutramigen that Noelle has been on since she was 2 months old.

I am feeling better about Noelle's feeds now. I am praying that with this new approach Noelle will start gaining weight again. Right now she is -15Th on the growth scale. Hoping she will be in the 30Th percentile by November.

Another thing that is a huge answer to prayer is Noelle will be seeing a Respiratory Specialist in the next month or two. I have been worried about her Laryngeal Malatia and the possibility of her having sleep apnea. I finally got someone to listen to me and turns out they think I might be right.

Just so I have it written down somewhere i wont lose it Im going to write Noelle's can haves.

Right now Noelle can eat

All vegetables
Fruit except citrus and tomatoes
Nut butters except peanut butter
Goats milk

Digestive enzyme.

That is it.

Right now Noelle's newest favorite is Banana shake with almond butter. I make it in my new juicer you should try it Jon says its good (and I make it with goats milk).


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Even though it seems our nutritionist makes life compicated, she is HUGE help! I dont know what we would do without her.
SOooooo many of our RTS kids have sleep apnea, so I would trust your instincts on that one!
If you ever have any more questions for the list serv they are a wealth of information, more than doctors or specialist.
Anything I can do to help!

Sarah said...

Hi Dani! I was awake last night and my brain was rabbiting allover the place. At one point, I was thinking and praying for you and Noelle. And, this strange thought popped into my head: Have you tried avocados with Noelle? They are a fantastic source of fat (the healthy kind) and would be a vegetable that can be cut into small chunks to chew or mashed up with other veggies until Little Miss gets more teeth. Just a thought! Love ya, Sarah